User-centric digital designer by day; fitness guru and first-time-cat-mom by night.

Hi, my name is Alyssa and I am passionate about bridging the gap between the physical and digital world. I currently work at MU/DAI as an Experience Design Manager, where my breadth of design experience combined with my fascination for technology enables me to provide solutions to enhance user experience. Improving a person’s everyday life–whether by creating a wearable device that encourages a healthier lifestyle, or making it easier to manage a busy schedule by leveraging technology–gets me excited!

Involvement with the UX Community

I have knowledge, and I want to share it! I write articles, speak at conferences about wearables and mentor UX/UI students from Designation.

Health and Fitness

Aside from design, health & fitness is my second passion. I grew up playing every sport imaginable and for the past three years I have made triathlon training my obsession. I am also an independent Beachbody coach, where I lead nutrition and fitness programs to motivate others to reach their wellness goals.

DIY Projects

I love working with my hands - whether it be working on my bike, improving my apartment or designing and building furniture and food puzzles for my needy cats. I also love sharing my cat-creations on instagram via @nashtrashkitty #userexperienceforcats.

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