Creating Consistency & Efficiency

Child Welfare Digital Services, California | CWS-CARES

Design System & Centralized Design Team



How might we create consistency and efficiency across all digital services?


What We Did

  • Pitch implementation of a design system to leadership
  • Gain consensus on a visual design direction
  • Update and expanded component library
  • Documentation via Storybook and the Wiki
  • Create governance process
  • Product strategy



Design System Audit | Where we started and where we needed to go.

CWS-CARES Team Structure Transformation


CWS-CARES Design System Agile Process

Product Strategy


Style Tile for Redesign | "Professional"

Style Tile for Redesign | "Warm"

Style Tile for Redesign | "Confident"

Style Tile for Redesign | "Confident"


CWDS Component Library


We implemented a design system for CWDS that all digital services are utilizing. Not only does the design system ensure consistency and efficiency, but it also empowers people to make design decisions. We also helped the project strategically reorganize the teams to include a centralized design team.


Component Library