Redesigning Case Management

Child Welfare Digital Services, California | CWS-CARES

Responsibe Website Application



How might we use technology to support family finding efforts during an emergency placement?


What We Did

  • Collaborative ideation with subject matter experts
  • Co-design workshop with core county constituents (yes, I did get them to draw!)
  • Journey mapping, wireframes and visual design
  • User feedback sessions and design iteration
  • Translate user needs into user stories
  • UX strategy

UX Strategy | Me doing what I do best.

User Flow Sketches

User Flow Validation With Actual Csers

Sketches From Users at a Co-Design Workshop

Wireframe Sketches | Based on Co-Design Workshop

User Feedback on Concepts

High Fidelity Concepts



Created an interactive prototype based on SME and user collaboration to document concepts for future state as well as current state to be handed off to development teams for execution.

Axure Prototype (password: cwds123)

Demo by Yours Truly