Promoting Energy Awareness

Exelon | ecocred

iOS Application



How might we enable customers to better measure, manage and minimize their individual carbon footprint?


What We Did

  • Ideation workshop and collaborative concepting
  • User research and persona development
  • Storyboards, wireframes and visual design
  • Game mechanics definition
  • Prototype testing with target users
  • Content strategy
  • Build and launch iOS application


Sketchbook Walkthrough

Sketchbook Walkthrough


Ideation Mapping


Lots and Lots of Wireframes


User Scenario

Visual Design

Visual Design


password: ecocred123


Teaming-up with Exelon subject-matter experts we invented a mobile app that incentivizes sustainable behavior. EcoCRED is now in the Apple Store and receiving positive reviews.

Promo Video (password:ecocred123)

Check out the app in the App Store.